Hidden Valley Ranches LLC

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Hidden Valley Ranches; North Devon, Red Angus Grass Genetics.

Welcome to the Hidden Valley Ranches Website. We are Gary and Catherine Morris of Wood Lake, Nebraska. We run a Grass Genetics Ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraksa, where we are developing Grass Genetics with North Devon crossed with Red Angus. We are producing cows and bulls that will thrive on LOW (7 - 9%) protein forage with little to no supplementation. We chose the North Devons for their meat tenderness, easy fleshing ability, adaptability and docility. We invite you to look at  the photos to see what Hidden Valley Ranches has to offer the future Grass Genetic Cattle Producers.


We will be exhibiting our heifers at the Grassfed Exchange Seminar and Sale in Norfolk, NE Sept 20-22. For more information you can go to their website at www.grassfedexchange.com

We will have 2012 Heifers and Bulls For Sale

Please contact us about the heifers and bull calves we will be offering.


Take a look at the Photos in our Photo Sections to see the kind of Grass Genetics we are developing here in the Sandhills. These cattle are on a rotational grazing system and only receive what we produce here on our ranch. Our forage is a low protein forage ranging in the 7-9% protein levels. On occasion we do bring in Dehy Alfalfa cake if our hay is less than the 7%. The Heifers we have developed are a frame score of 4 to 4 1/2 and will only be in the 1000lb range when mature. The Heifers do not require any mineral or salt, and do not recieve any fly control or dewormers. The Heifers calve out as 3 YO. We are late calvers and calve in May and June. The Heifers and Bulls are selected based on Bakewell's(Father of Line Breeding) and Bonsma's(Linear Measuring) standards. Our herd is closed and we focus on line breeding.


Come and Visit us on our Ranch and see the cattle that we are producing on LOW protein forages. Just click on the contact link on top.